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Information for Schools
Hands on activities for students include:
Reception Area and Tap Room:
Students can see if they can lift the convict leg shackles with the old ball and chain and see items that were found under the floorboards. There is also equipment used during the gold rush. A collection of irons, a singer sewing machine and other cooking utensils are there.

This room shows how evenings were spent at home without electricity and includes an old foot pump organ, gramophone and children's toys.

Millennium Room:
Here students see things that are today considered an oddity, including an apple corer, moustache cup, collar box, fly paper. There are adding machines, Morse Code set, typewriters, old telephones and a operational plug style (Sylvester) telephone switchboard.

Bedroom and Bunyan Room:
In the bedroom students see the old bed with gazunders that sit under the bed. There is a night stand for washing in the morning, baby equipment and a dressing table. The Bunyan room shows travel equipment and Aboriginal & New Guinea spears.

Students get a chance to write with a slate board and slate pencils sitting at an original old school desk.

Butter churning, juicing and Grating
Students get to churn cream into butter, grate and juice vegetables and fruit by hand.

Washing Tub, Mangle and Clothes line:
They get to hand wash clothes using scrub boards with hand made soap and use a clothes mangle to wring out the clothes and hang them on an old fashioned clothesline.

See how the blacksmith was the heart of a community with his shop making and repairing all the old equipment. The farm implements used to harvest the crops and how they were sharpened using a grindstone. There is also a horse and sulky stagecoach.

Stocks, Horseshoes, Mower, Hoops, Quoits and Ride on Toys:
Games were a part of life. Students get to play old fashioned games including horse shoe throwing and quoits and use an old hand grass mowert labore et dolore magna aliqua.